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Disruption Philosophy

The disruption team came together to make a difference in the way conferences, workshops, expos, and training events are executed.

Disruption is about shaking things up.

Disruption is not about being a radical, it is about adapting to the change affecting us all. We all can make a change, if we are brave.

Disruption does not give people permission for anything. It is an invitation to change the world.

Disruption sales and marketing teams are all about helping people come together who are part of a change in their industry.

Disruption speakers want to get the truth out there– about change and how to deal with it.

Disruption exhibitors want to share their inventions and innovations as startups and existing businesses riding the waves of technological change.

Disruption is a coin. A coin that can be used at disruption events and to get to the event, for disruption services, for exhibition space, for assistance, for access to events and parties, to get help, and to stand out from the crowd.

Disruption IS THE CHANGE we all have been anticipating… and it is almost here.

Disruption Experience

Disruption is an exciting game-changing initiative, with an official base in Singapore and an international team of 100 disruptors around the world.

Disruption gives everyone the opportunity to come together to make amazing projects happen in technology and in the blockchain and crypto space.

The Disruption Experience brings everyone together to achieve what normally cannot be achieved in a centralized hierarchical business model.

For the last few years since bitcoin became a hot topic, it has become imperative to learn about cryptocurrency as much as possible.

One of our challenges was people had to pay in Fiat currency to attend events about cryptocurrency.

True innovation is the opportunity to negotiate and purchase with cryptocurrency for venues, flights and accommodation.

So why not disrupt the whole event management experience, by accepting cryptocurrencies for everything!

From buying a ticket to acquiring a booth to sponsoring the event—use crypto!

You want to pay with pesos, that’s okay too. Want to pay with your own crypto that’s listed on the Top 20 exchange? That works, too!

You want to pay with a coin not yet listed on an exchange, but can pitch your concept? We can work with you.

As a startup, the biggest limitation is capital.

In a world of cryptocurrency, generating a coin or a token gives you the ability to create something of value.

Even if it is not equity, you can exchange your idea (or token) to be a part of our idea—the Disruption Coin.

Your token for Our token. Your idea for Our idea. A true Exchange!

Disruption Team

About Disruption Team

The disruption team is led by Mark Davis, an international businessman and Speaker around the world for over 20 years. Mark worked in corporate, non-profit, small business, and with government agencies. He leads with his vision and builds teams around him.

Akili Polee is an early adopter to the block chain industry with over five years of experience, creating coins, building businesses, and getting involved in the mining of cryptocurrencies. He is a regular advisor to new and existing projects.

Francis Morelos is a data protection and artificial intelligence expert. He travels the world advising companies on how to best protect their intellectual property and implementing cyber security best practices for their precious data. He also provides secure conversational A.I. / chatbot solutions automating lead generation, customer acquisition and customer service for small to medium sized companies.

Alex Ressos is the Founder and Senior Partner of Ressos Legal in Singapore, and ICO specialist law firm with offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. Alex comes to us with years of experience in the legal field and specifically has dedicated his business now, to focusing on the block chain space.

Jerry Lozano is a virtual reality creation genius. His team has virtualized expo, spaces, conferences conventions and parties. He will provide the alternate reality to the real-world experience at our event.

Our international sales and marketing team operate from over a dozen countries. Our top-notch customer service team in the Philippines are supported by experienced event management personnel from around the world.

Speakers will come from diverse field– from human resources, marketing futurists, bankers, government representatives, educators, legislators and more.

Disruption exhibitors will be a range of start-ups and existing businesses.

Disruption Partners

Disruption Media Partners

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